Wednesday, December 7

I recovered my pass lol

Yeah, I forgot it and didnt remember the answer to my own security question so I had to do the email recovery thing. Its been over a year since Ive posted. I dont really have much to say. Im still in school, UT in my second year. Im majoring in nursing. My social life has had its ups and downs, but at the end of the day Im still in one piece and feel good. I still dont have a reliable car and live paycheck to paycheck but I have maintained some friendships Ive started on here and am forever grateful. My family is pretty much detioriated and all I have is my friends, but those true few are who make my sunshine on a daily basis. I miss alot of you and just stop by to show some love and tell you I was thinking of you.

Btw Salom, I lost your number and mine has changed so msg me so I can get it again lol

Leave your fb email if you wanna stay in touch.. Love ya'll!!! <3 <3 <3


Salom said...

You make it impossible to contact you , you know that?

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Dibsy said...

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